Microdermabrasion will exfoliate, unblock pores and improve your skin texture while helping to create a healthy glow

Microdermabrasion will cause exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin.

This invigorating treatment gently removes the dead outer surface of the skin with light abrasion of a small hand piece that slowly glides like brush strokes over the treatment area several times.

The skin naturally builds up dead cells on the surface; this can build up will hold oil, impurities and environmental pollutants.

This will make the skin lose its translucent qualities and can look dull and uneven texture.

The exfoliation process removes dead skin cells to allow more vibrant, healthy skin to surface.

Microdermabrasion is not only an excellent maintenance treatment for all skin types, also by using this treatment on a regular basis, acne sufferers can gain back control of their skin.

Microdermabrasion not only allows the skin to become more vibrant it is also allows products applied to the skin to penetrate more deeply and more effectively into the skin. Microdermabrasion stimulates the formation of collagen, elastin and the natural moisturising factors in the skin.

There are many benefits of Microdermabrasion, with relatively few side effects, minimal to no down time and it is a relativity quick treatment.  Benefits can be:

  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Tightening of the skin
  • Smooth rejuvenated skin
  • Enhance penetration of products
  • Reduction of hyper pigmentation
  • Dull, Oily skin
  • Clogged & enlarged pores
  • Dry, dehydrated skin/uneven skin texture

New technology has now introduced a crystal free dermabrasion. This is a Diamond Head Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion can be done as frequently as weekly or up to every 3-4 weeks depending on your skin's tolerance and desired cosmetic effects. Many people choose to start with weekly treatments for three sessions and then change to a maintenance regimen.

Express MDA, this includes, smooth cleansing and exfoliation, followed by the MDA treatment of the face followed by a soothing rejuvenation cream.

MDA Deluxe Package, includes a soothing cleanse and exfoliation of the face and areas to be treated, followed by our Diamond Head MDA to the Face Neck & Décolletage. To finish the treatment we apply a soothing hydrating and protection mask.

Individualise your treatment of MDA with a Peel or Light Therapy; this will give your skin an overall fresh, health looking glow in a short time with little to no down time.


Pre-pay 5 and get 1 FREE. Valid for 6 months.
  • Express Microdermabrasion Face (20 mins) - $69
  • Deluxe Microdermabrasion (40 mins) - $109
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